A downloadable game for Windows

Rest is a walking simulator with a dark and beautiful aesthetic where the environment tells the story.
Travel to a monochrome world, where you will experience an impactful narrative and journey through the stages of grief.

A demo of Rest will become available for FREE in December

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Rest Demo


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i have world record

Wow Dalmin! That is Epic. 

I would suggest making the water a bit bigger in one of the preview pics, you can see the edges


Thank you for the feedback! We will have this fixed in the next update.  -Hanna, Director of Rest


Really enjoyed this! Awesome demo!  Definitely looking forward to seeing where you go with this game! 

Thank you for the great video! The demo will be updated soon with new sound design and more work on the environment. We hope you will take a look once it's out in about a month. -Hanna, Director of Rest


Looking forward to it!